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Friday, March 18, 2016

Ed Force One

Ed Force One
Rocks stars got their own jetliners, who knew? Actually, it's just a lease, but it carries everyone and everything they need to put on a show, which means they can put on a show in any city that has an airport for airliners.
    I've heard of Iron Maiden, but I didn't know they were still around and I didn't know they were so bleeding popular. Their 1984-5 tour was seen by 3.5 million people. I don't think there were that many people on the planet back then. Since this a musical group I thought I'd post a music video, but I couldn't find a tune of theirs that I liked. Maybe it's just that what get's delivered via YouTube doesn't do them justice. Or maybe their fans are just into this whole fire, gore and death thing, kind of like fans of horror movies, and the music, such as it is, is just an extra they throw in for their own entertainment.

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