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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Ax Repair

Repaired ax with drill and bit
Tape on drill bit is depth gauge

The quarter inch diameter drill bit wasn't big enough. I could only get the screw to go in about halfway. Osmany brought the 5/16" drill bit and that did the trick. Screw went in solid all the way. Took the ax out in the back yard and gave an old log a couple of dozen whacks. Did not seem to faze the ax, so for right now I'm calling it fixed. Whether it will hold up in heavy use remains to be seen. 

Hillman 5/16-in x 8-in Bronze Ceramic Truss Exterior Wood Screw

This is the screw I used. It cost almost $4 at Lowes. I like it because the body is the same diameter all the way down, you don't need to use two different size drill bits.

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