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Thursday, September 23, 2021


Cherry Bookcase

My daughter wants to remodel her kitchen, which leads to talking about cabinets which leads to Vlastic, the Czech immigrant who built the cabinets in our basement when we finished it 20 years ago. Do a little digging and finally find his old website, and what do we have here? - a photo of my bookcase. I'll be durned. Still hoping to get in touch with him, but it might be a little difficult as he has moved out of state. He did leave an excellent farewell letter, which I quote:
Obituary, 2014
I'm done in Oregon with it's ever rising taxes, more taxes, taxes disguised as no taxes, insurances, bonds, fees, surcharges, handling fees, filling fees, rules, regulations, more regulations, administrative reports, permits and more permits.

I'm moving out.

Thanks to all of my customers and G.C. for all those jobs.
Hope everything worked fine and holds, since I already cashed the checks.  :-)

Best of luck.


1 comment:

xoxoxoBruce said...

I'd like to know where he moved to that doesn't have all the stuff he's running from?