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Monday, October 25, 2021

Dog Collar

Sometime ago I met a couple with a small yappy dog. The dog had been fitted with some kind of fancy collar that give the dog a jolt whenever he barked. I don't know what kind of jolt it was, I presume it was a low voltage electrical shock, but for all I know it housed a brass knuckle (singular because there wouldn't have been room for more) that punched him in the throat each time he barked. Doesn't matter. Whatever it was, the dog felt it. You could tell because each time he barked, the bark turned into a shriek. Now dogs that bark continuously are annoying, and the higher the pitch and the shorter the time between barks, the more annoying it is. But a shriek is disturbing. I'm thinking "what is wrong with these people?" I may have said something, but I didn't say much. I was only there for couple of minutes. It's been a while, and I still wonder about it. Did the shriek not bother them? I don't think I could tolerate it for than a few minutes. Perhaps they were hoping that if they could put up this for, I dunno, a day, the dog's inner dog would learn and leave off the yapping. Or maybe somebody told them to try this collar and they did and nobody has told them to take it off so they don't. Or maybe they hate the dog for yapping so much that they decide to punish him with these jolts, so basically we have a war going on between the people and the dog. Both are determined to win, but they are driven by different forces. The force driving the dog is more instinctual, while the one driving the people is at a higher level. Or maybe they just hated other people so whenever they had visitors they put the collar on knowing it would drive any visitor away within a few minutes.


Ole Phat Stu said...

Tip of the last 2 millenia :-
Never listen to the yapping of any SOB wearing a dog-collar ;-)

Packer said...

A bark collar is like a toned down taser. Electric dog fences are similar. Electric fences give the dog a tingle before they hit the boundary line so they know to stay back. The bark collar is no warning just a big zap. I became a dog guy late in life. Our first dog was my wife’s dog very protective of her while I attended grad school at night. The second dog was the kids dog adopted from a hunter who was going to put him down because he was gun shy. The hunter did not want a pet. A dog was wonderful so good with the kids. They played with him outside for hours every day after school. The last dog became my dog. He’s gone just over a year and I miss him still. I have very little tolerance for people who are abusive of dogs.I am not a shock collar fan. But that’s just me. It’s strange none of those dogs that we had were barkers, and I think it had to do with the fact that they lived with Attentive people

xoxoxoBruce said...

I'm with Packer,those people should be wearing the collar, not the dog.