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Monday, October 18, 2021

Ferguson TO-20 Farm Tractor

Ferguson tractor, old commercial

The ad is for the Ferguson TE-20 tractor. It was made in England from 1946-1948. They made the very similar TO-20 in the USA in 1948-1951. We had one that looked just like it on our farm in Ohio back in the late 1960-s. Using the three point hitch to jack up the tractor looks like a neat trick. Now that I've seen it done, I vaguely remember that there was some kind of widget made of steel tubing there on the farm, but we never figured out what it was for.


Packer said...

A reminder of just how dangerous those old farm devices were. The saw mill will give me nightmares, we had something like that in the late 60s to mill beams and fences. Power take offs always grabbed clothing and killed.

Packer said...

You have the best videos

Chuck Pergiel said...

We had a seven foot wide Bush Hog that ran off of the PTO shaft. Nobody got kilt while we were there. Subliminal fear made you keep a firm grip on the steering wheel.