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Friday, October 22, 2021

Let's Go Racing


Ira Sidorkova

Ira is an up and coming race car driver from Russia. She has been competing in the W Series, an all-female single-seater racing championship. She's in the news because she needed a Visa to compete in a race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, and the State Department denied her application. You don't suppose that's because the Bidens are in bed with Ukraine, do you?

Anyway, cute girl, racing cars with Alfa Romeo engines. Very cool.

Ira Sidorkova Racing

Ira is real, and she drives real race cars on real race courses. However, this picture might not be real, it might be from a computer video game, which seems to be a big deal these days. The only pictures I found of the real car did not have her name emblazoned on the side like this one does.

1 comment:

Justin_O_Guy said...

If her team had a clue they would have come across the border.