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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Ford Maverick Pickup Truck

2022 Ford Maverick: Hybrid Explained

We need another vehicle, at least one. It wouldn't hurt to have two more. The kids have their heart set on a Toyota Tacoma, but those are hard to find and expensive when you do. Yes, you can find cheap ones, and you might even find the particular model you are looking for at that lovely price, but could you stand to live with such an ugly car? and you know it's going to be ugly at that price.

We are looking for a pickup truck to buy. We went to Portland yesterday and drove around the near northeast and found bupkis. Well, we did find one truck, but it had already been sold. We stopped by Copart, but it's basically a wrecking yard and nobody gets in except when the moon is full or something. We stopped at Northwest Van Sales to see what they had. It's an industrial shop, gravel parking lot full of potholes and buses. There must have been a dozen of each. They also had a dozen or two white work vans with ladder racks on top. We stopped there because I had been thinking such a vehicle would be perfect for Osmany, but his better half has better ideas. Anyway, we were in the neighborhood, so we stopped by. 

We ended up going to Toyota of Portland. Their used car lot took up an entire city block, but it was mostly empty.  There was a string of cars on display all around the edge, but the entire center was empty. There were 44 cars on the lot, 7 of them were Tacomas and 3 were Tundras. (The Tacoma is a mid-sized pickup, the Tundra is more like a full size one, like a Ford F-150.) The Tacomas started at $33K which is more than we want to spend. These are all used mind you, though none more than a couple of years old.

Chevrolet Colorado

Today we drove out to Cornelius to look at a Chevrolet Colorado. Actually we drove all the way out to Forest Grove and then back to Cornelius because we didn't bother to check with Google beforehand. There is only one main road right through the center of both towns so we figured we would see it. Drove right by it the first time because we weren't looking yet because we thought we were still in Cornelius and the address was Forest Grove. Guess we didn't know where the boundary was.

We found the Chevy but it was a bit scruffy - a couple dings here and there, nothing a good body shop couldn't put right for a few thousand dollars, but you do that and now it doesn't look such a bargain.

Chevrolet 5 Cylinder Atlas Engine

The Colorado is kind of cool because it comes with a five cylinder engine. I thought only the Germans did that. Okay, Chrysler did kind of break the 4/6/8 cylinder mold (that car manufacturers have been using for the last 100 years) with their V-10. An odd number of cylinders might run smoother.

2022 Ford Maverick

Then I start looking for other mid-sized trucks. Full size trucks are nice until you have to try and park one downtown. Compact trucks feel too squishy, so mid-sized suits me just right. So what have we got? I used to have a Dodge Dakota, but I don't think they make them anymore. Most other manufacturers make one, and then I find that the new Ford Maverick has a base price of $20K. Of course, I don't know if you can actually find any. Courtesy Ford claims to have bunch. We may have to go out there tomorrow.

In any case, after my experience today, I've decided I need to bump up my target price. Right now I'm trying to stay under $30K. Can I actually buy a new Maverick for that kind of money? Will I still want one tomorrow? It is an evil hybrid after all, with its evil lithium battery pack. I like the way the guy in the video just casually mentions how it can kill you.

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