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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Martin Luther’s Germany and Public Schooling

Martin Luther

Yard Sale of the Mind (Joseph Moore) has a post up about public schooling. He talks about current events, Sparta, and about halfway through he talks about Martin Luther (look for the heading Martin Luther’s Germany). A little history and a some food for thought.

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xoxoxoBruce said...

In order to have a fraternal organization, sports team, or group with a purpose, it has to be organized, have leadership and rules, or it won’t last long. Think herding cats.
The leadership may be good or bad, elected, appointed, or just left to anyone who wants it. The rules may be a consensus, charter, or evolved. But one thing for sure is if you don’t follow the rules you’re out. It’s the only way an organization can survive.
Government organized groups like schools, youth programs, etc, have the power to enforce rules, rather than boot you out they can lock you up.or make it financially advantageous to comply.
The option is live in the wilderness and play by mother natures rules where noncompliance can be fatal.
The bottom line is there are always rules.