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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Remember You - Thai Murder Mystery

OFFICIAL TEASER 90s l คือเธอ Remember You เริ่ม 16 สิงหาคม นี้! 
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Our continuing tour of the world of murder mysteries takes us to Thailand, a first for us, at least for native Thai productions. Or maybe not. Searched my blog and found several posts about Thailand including a couple of movies, one of which was also a native That production. There was another one starring Nicholas Cage but I'm pretty sure that was an American production. The King and I was also set in Thailand, though back then it was called Siam.

This one is a little rough around the edges, not bad, but not as smooth as the European stuff we've been watching. However, they have a curious story to work with. How much do you remember about your life when you were a kid? And the people you knew back then, would you recognize them now even though you haven't seen them for 20 years?

A lot of it looks like it was taken from Korean copper shows which isn't too surprising. One curious bit is the use of semaphore characters to leave cryptic clues for the police. Haven't seen that before.

Update October 17. There is a new murder to be solved most very episode, but there is one old murder that our hero is trying to unravel. The theme running through most of these cases is an abandoned child grows up to become a serial killer. I can't imagine what it would be like to not have a family, I mean, I've always had one. There were times where I resented them, but I got past that. Who knows how I would have turned out without them.

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