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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Oregon Governor's Race, Part 1

State Sen. Betsy Johnson of Scappoose

We're talking about the 2022 election. I labeled this post 'Part 1', just in case I write another one. No telling if that will happen. If I read the linked article correctly, Ms. Betsy is an airplane pilot as well as a helicopter pilot, so two points for her. She talks about being a centrist, and that might appeal to some people, but I am pretty sure most of the people who pay attention to politics don't want to be agreeable, they want to fight, and being agreeable is not conducive to fighting. I would like to see a centrist elected, but I'm afraid some king sized, rabble rousing jackass will claim the spotlight and launch some kind of 'war'. Of course this is Oregon, so the war will probably be something around the flavor of the glue on envelopes. You know, something of the first importance.

And then there's always the problem with the complete disconnect between what politicians say on the campaign trail and what happens when they get elected. It would be nice if we had some analysts we could trust. Whatever, here's my contribution to the public forum.

P.S. While Blogger's image handling is pretty good, the lack of information bugs me, so I sent some feedback:

It would be nice if we knew how big the image we just inserted was. I want them to be as big as possible, but no larger than their original size. If I load an image that's 1,000 pixels wide, it would be nice to know. That way, I wouldn't need to enlarge it full size to find out that it's too big to fit in Blogger's format. Likewise, if the image is like 500 pixels wide, I don't want to blow it up. Generally I don't like expanded images, I used them occasionally, but I want to know what I'm doing.


Sarthurk said...

Hey Thanks for that! Being an Oregon coast guy, I'm interested in these sorts of things.

xoxoxoBruce said...

On my 21” wide screen the browser widow is 17.5” wide.
From the left side of the browser window about 5/8” blank, her picture is 11 inches wide, 1/4” blank, then the dotted line and your blog stuff.

Downloaded the picture and Windows says;
46.0 KB (47,199 bytes)
640 x 426 pixels at 96 dpi

Photoshop tells me;
8.889 inches wide
5.917 inches high
resolution 72
Don't know if that helps but it looks big to me.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Thanks, Sarthurk. Bruce, sounds like you have zoomed in. Ctrl 0 will take you back to the default setting, which may be too small to read.

xoxoxoBruce said...

Control zero gives me a just under 17" wide browser window, just under 9 inches wide politician that photoshop said the downloaded photo is, with about an 1¼ inch margin on each side. Neither the picture nor the print are uncomfortably small, they're both easy to read.
I keep the browser moved in slightly to enhance porn viewing.