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Thursday, April 8, 2021


Vagabond | Official Trailer | Netflix [ENG SUB]
The Swoon

Vagabond is a lightweight Korean action thriller. I call it lightweight because of the many silly things that happen. I can sort of understand why they did it like that. The plot is very dark and serious and if the show took itself too seriously it could be very depressing, but they throw in these foolish actions and it diverts your attention from the serious theme. 

The basic plot is that the Korean government is about to award a large contract for a new fleet of jet fighter aircraft. One of contenders for this contract is at a disadvantage in the competition for this contract, so they cause a passenger airliner built by their competitor to crash, killing all 200 odd people on board. They do this hoping the negative publicity will swing the contract award in their favor. Naturally, they do not want their involvement known, but the guardian of one of the children killed in the crash uncovers a clue that it wasn't an accident and we are off and running. This guardian is a former stuntman from the movie industry, so we are treated to a impressive display of his skills chasing down bad guys, fighting bad guys and escaping from impossible situations.

Corruption is rampant in the government. Numerous people are more concerned with covering themselves or gaining political advantage than in investigating the cause of the crash. After all the noise that's been floating through our media for the last few years, I suspect this is probably a very realistic view of the situation in just about every government. 

But this is TV land, so we have our dedicated heroes who are going to get to the bottom of this and expose the wicked and corrupt. Hopefully the dragon lady will get her comeuppance in the form a gruesome death, but this is the modern world so probably not. They'll probably just lock her up. Durn.

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Riders of Skaith said...

Looks interesting! I dipped out of Korean dramas after about 2015, but this looks vaguely similar to Healer (action thriller where the lowest ranking bad guy is a newspaper magnate and the ultimate baddies are a group of shadowy magnates who pull strings from behind the scenes).