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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

I Knew It Was Aliens!


Comment from Fenrir on The Gibraltar Massacre:

Covid-19 is the avian flu (mycobacterium avium + its passenger viruses such as sars-cov-x; the real pathogenic agent is M. avium). The avian flu comes from the atmosphere, raining down on the surface of the Earth, that is why the masks and lockdowns are useless. This cometary dust was observed by astrobiologists back in November 2019:

“On October 11 2019 a meteoritic bolide (probably fragment of a comet) explodes in a brief flash in Nth East China. We think it probable that this bolide contained embedded within it a monoculture of infective nCoV-2019 virus particles that survived in the interior of the incandescent meteor.”

On November 25th, 2019, Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe made the following stark warning, weeks before the coronavirus emerged.

On the basis of this data, there appears to be a prima facie case for expecting new viral strains to emerge over the coming months and so it would be prudent for Public Health Authorities the world over to be vigilant and prepared for any necessary action. We need hardly to be reminded that the spectre of the 1918 devastating influenza pandemic stares us in the face from across a century.

Chandra Wickramasinghe, Current Science, November 25, 2019

How does the avian flu spread? Through HeLa cells. The fact that bacteria communicate instantly through radio waves was discovered back in the 1930s by K. Blome, and the experimental evidence came from L. Montagnier and J. Benveniste. That is, bacteria can send electromagnetic imprints of its cells instantly over a distance of thousands of kilometers. All vaccines contain HeLa cell lines (directly or indirectly). A leaky vaccine will allow the HeLa cells to communicate with the M. avium in the atmosphere, that is how the new powerful strains (B.1.1.7, B.1.351, P.1) appeared out of nowhere, at it seems, throughout the world. That is how the first powerful strain, D614G, also appeared back in January 2020, and spread all over the place in March 2020.

Astrobiologists know that the Covid-19 was caused by the solar transit of Mercury in 2016 (it takes some two years for the dust from comet Encke to reach the surface of the Earth; comet Encke encounters with Mercury). However, now we expect a second wave of even more powerful pathogenic agents to come down, the cause being the solar transit of Mercury in 2019.

Via I Want a New Left 



xoxoxoBruce said...

Ha ha ha that's hilarious. By the way, Covid 19 appeared in numbers in September of 2019 and China tried to keep a lid on it but it became a declared pandemic in January of 2020.

Anonymous said...

Encke. The shortest rotational time of all comets. Gives us a visit every three years it seems. Hmmm, some some math and historical research could be in order here. Named after an astronomer but coincidentally is called the comet of the Anti-Christ. Wonder how they came up with that? Reading the comments from the origin article would make one think this is more science than fiction since the researcher names are legit.

Ritchie said...

Look up "Invasion By Washing Water"