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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

RIP Linda Heller

Linda Corder

Kerrville-Linda Phyllis Corder died peacefully at home in Kerrville, Texas, surrounded by her loving family on Saturday, June 5th, 2010. She was born September 4th, 1954 in Paris, France to Joseph Heller and Hannelore (Abee) Heller. - from an internet obituary

Linda was my wife's roommate back when we lived in Austin. We kept in touch after we moved to Phoenix, but those contacts became more and more infrequent. We just found out that she passed away eleven years ago. 

She was a good looking woman, but hard. She had standards, no slackers allowed. I was only allowed in their apartment because I had a decent job and could pay my own bills. As I recall she managed a district for a large chain of small, retail clothing stores. That may have contributed to her hardness, or maybe it was her personality that allowed her to succeed in that business.

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