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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Atomic Mortar

2S4 Tyulpan 240-mm Mortar Can Destroy Fortified Buildings That Are 20 Km Away • RUSSIA
World Army Club

Listen to the way those mortars ring when they are fired. They are like biggest church bells in the world.

Ukraine seems to be a bit of a mess. Russia took over the eastern part of the country because they weren't about to give up their naval base at Sevastopol in Crimea. Ukraine seems to have declared war on Russia although it seems it was done without much fanfare. Now Russia is massing forces at the border. Ukraine can't be seriously thinking about retaking Crimea, can they? Are they hoping to drag the US and NATO into a war with Russia? That sounds like a very stupid idea. I suspect the declaration is simply a political ploy to gain some internal advantage, like maybe more money from the US, because look at the big, bad, Russia bear growling at our border. Freaking morons. What did they expect would happen when they poked the bear? He'd roll over and ask for a tummy rub? Like I said, I suspect it's all an internal Ukrainian political ploy.

I'm posting this because I've been meaning to do a post about the American Atomic Cannon. It is mentioned in Command and Control by Eric Schlosser when he is talking about our massive inventory of atomic weapons. I suspect we still have a zillion atomic warheads for our cannon.

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