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Friday, April 2, 2021

This too shall pass

Dolazak Hrvata Na More - Oton Iveković - 1905
[The arrival of the Croats at the Adriatic]

Liz Hinds got me started by noting that Abraham Lincoln used the title phrase in a speech. Well, I gotta check that out because after all, didn't Abraham also say "You can't believe everything you read on the internet"? Well, according to our great oracle of the internet (Wikipedia), it's true.

The Wikipedia article also claims that the phrase 'this too shall pass' originated with medieval Persian Sufi poets. Something about the Sultan wanting a timeless phrase engraved on his ring. So I go looking for pictures of medieval Persian Sufi poets, and the painting at the top turns up. That web page claims that Croats are of Iranian origin. I don't know it that's true, but it would certainly go a long way to explain why that part of the world has such a hard time getting along. I mean I suspect Slavs and Persians have very different cultures.

A couple of medieval Persian Sufi poets have shown up here before:

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