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Friday, May 14, 2021

Head Gasket Replacement

My nephew Nick bought a Toyota pickup truck from a little old lady 'who only drove it on Sundays'. Turns out it has a blown head gasket, which got me to thinking about all the major engine repairs I have done.

1966 Honda CB-160 - seized, bored, new pistons fitted - Ohio

Suzuki 250 twin two-stroke - complete rebuild - Ohio

195x GMC straight 6 - complete rebuild - Houston

Porsche 911 - complete rebuild - Austin

195x International Harvester pickup truck straight six. Replaced head gasket, rodded radiator - Austin

197x Ford Pinto - replaced head gasket - Austin

197x Toyota Corona - replaced cracked head - Austin

2001 Chrysler Sebring - replaced head gaskets - Oregon

Replacing the head gasket usually meant taking the head to the machine shop and having the head surfaced and the valves ground. I think the Pinto needed a new cam as well. Overhead cam, you know.

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