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Sunday, May 2, 2021

Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara? - Trailer (Official) | Season 1 | Netflix

We've got murder, foul play and slow-baked revenge. Should be a good time. I'm not sure, we've only watched one episode, but it kind of smells like Romeo & Juliet transposed to the modern day, which reminds me of Romeo + Juliet from 1996:

Romeo and Juliet Petrol Station Scene 
Sophie Robson

We've got rich people fighting viciously and because they are rich they can be extra vicious. Given an evil, autocratic patriarch and a bunch of middle-aged playboys, I don't expect to see any stand up guys or any competence. I expect we'll have a bunch of firefights where nobody manages to hit anything (we've already had one), a whole lot of general incompetence resulting in screaming, crying and agonizing. 

Basics: a young woman (Sara) dies when the harness supporting her hanging from a parasail fails because it had obviously tampered with. Any competent person would have recognized this, but the whole gang of them involved in getting her airborne over the lake were pretty well blitzed. Sara's brother suspects the patriarch engineered it because she had the nerve to date someone from a rival clan.

Special effect: playing some everyday footage from the time of the accident, backwards. Not that special, just you don't see it very often and when you do it's usually to show something critical.

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