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Friday, May 7, 2021

LED's Part 3

LED ceiling light installed in bathroom exhaust fan

Finally solved the light problem in the master bath. Took considerable fooling to get here.

Giant LED light bulb

Found this giant LED light bulb at Home Depot. It's about three inches in diameter and six inches long. I was able to screw it into the socket in the fixture although it didn't really fit. It protruded from the housing and and so prevented the lens being installed. But it was bright enough.

Another giant LED light bulb

Then I tried this one from Amazon. I was fooled by the conventional shape which made me think it might be the size of a conventional bulb. Wrong. It was just as big as the previous one.

4 in Slim LED Color Changing Recessed Kit

This is the kit that finally solved the problem. It took some franken engineering to get it installed in the fixture, including cutting a hole in the lens, but we got it done, it works, and it is finally bright enough.

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xoxoxoBruce said...

I hope some hacker doesn't leave you in the dark. ;o)