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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Gaza: Morality and Reality

Palestine & Israel

George Friedman has a short history of Palestine since WW2

George Friedman, where have I heard that name before? I ran a search on my blog and I was surprised by the number of times the name Friedman showed up. That might explain why I thought his name was familiar. However, most of them were not George. There was one post that mentioned George back in 2013. Other Friedmans I found were:


Anonymous said...

take it back to just after WWI. The remains of the Turkish empire were being divvied up and the arabs and jews were tasked with forming a government in palestine. The arabs refused to rule "with" the jews and insisted to rule over them. They refused further negotiation and walked out. after WWII with literal boatloads of jews returning to their homeland arabs pitched a fit and there was fighting back and forth until the jews declared a state and won their independence from britain. Surrounding arab countries said "we will destroy you" many arabs fled israel to get out of the way so that said other countries could get on with it but, israel, not wanting to be destroyed, struck first destroying these other countries ability to destroy israel. after several attempts to destroy israel the beat goes on. Solutions are offered regularly but, Israel says they must be recognized as a state but the arabs refuse because "we will destroy you" and want a right to return to israel which unfortunately would give the arabs majority control over israel and israel would be no more. The abraham accords intent is to make peace with all the other arabs excluding the ones that keep attacking(hamas, fatah, hez ba allah) and iran (main financier and persian not arab)thus bringing peace by isolating the bad actors. It is quite possible that the other arabs except for turkey have given israel the high sign to snuff out hamas, hez ba allah, and fatah for good

Chuck Pergiel said...

Thank you. That pretty much agrees with how I understand the situation. But it still leaves Iran, which seems to the current source of all the enmity. But then, there is always a stinker somewhere in the mix. Even if Iran's mullah's are overthrown and a rational government comes into power, I expect another bad actor will pop up somewhere.