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Sunday, May 16, 2021


I start out driving around Portland, although it's not any part of Portland I recognize. I think to call my wife to tell her what I'm doing but then I realize I don't have my cell phone.

Now I am riding on a bicycle. I am following an asphalt footpath and I come to a hill. There are half a dozen people walking up the hill. The hill is moderately steep and the path is narrow, so I get off my bike and walk along behind the other people. When we get to the top of the hill, the people stop. Seems there is a bus stop there and they are all waiting for the bus. The ground is wet and muddy, so I make my excuses and squeeze past them till I get to the road.

There is a brief interval where more stuff happen, but it has evaporated.

Now I am at a house and I am following a flagstone footpath along the front of the house. At the corner the path goes under an overhang, like a carport roof. There is a ditch along the side of the house about six feet deep and six feet wide. The walls and floor are rough rock. There are two ways around this obstacle. I can follow the flagstone path about ten feet along the side of the house to a point where there is a place where I could probably climb down to the bottom, cross the to the other side and then climb up the other side. Climbing down looks sketchy, but not impossible. Climbing up the other side looks like it will be more difficult. Or I could go across the head of the ditch where there is some level ground, to the wall that is supporting the far side of this overhang. The wall is made of perforated, decorative concrete blocks. There is something resembling a path along the base of the wall, but it's pretty sketchy. It would be very easy to lose my footing and slide down into the ditch. Such a fall wouldn't kill me, but I might very well sprain something, which would make climbing back up a bit of a trick. The easiest way up is the way down from this side at the end of the path. So that would put me back where I am now, but injured. Bah.

That is all.

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