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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Honda Point Disaster

As Iaman meanders northward, he pauses in Lompoc, California, where this mangled ship's propeller catches his eye.

Unusually beaten up screw

A plaque commemorating the event gives us a clue.

Honda Point Disaster Commemorative Plaque

Wikipedia knows all. The introductory paragraph summarizes the event:
The Honda Point disaster was the largest peacetime loss of U.S. Navy ships. On the evening of September 8, 1923, seven destroyers, while traveling at 20 knots (37 km/h), ran aground at Honda Point (also known as Point Pedernales; the cliffs just off-shore called Devil's Jaw), a few miles from the northern side of the Santa Barbara Channel off Point Arguello on the coast in Santa Barbara County, California. Two other ships grounded, but were able to maneuver free off the rocks. Twenty-three sailors died in the disaster.

Lompoc Veterans Memorial Building

Disaster location on Google Maps.

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Arthur said...

I've recently been binge watching this youtube channel:

He covered the Honda Point disaster as well:

Apparently an earthquake/Tsunami in Japan didn't help the situation.