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Friday, May 14, 2021

You Cannot Hide

No Te Puedes Esconder | You Cannot Hide | Netflix | Short Episode 1
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I could have sworn that the title on Netflix was Nowhere to Hide.

A terrible show. It started out pretty good but about half-way through it fell apart. It's like whoever was driving the production bus had a heart attack and they just started throwling random stuff into the plotline. Much of it didn't make any sense. That's too bad, but because it had all the elements of pretty good show.

The wife of a Mexican drug lord gets fed up with him and rats him out to the DEA. The coppers put her and her daughter into a witness protection program that relocates them to Madrid. The husband gets killed in a fiery car crash while being pursued by the coppers. The wife and daughter live a peaceful existence in Madrid for three years and then a hitman shows up to kill the wife, but she is saved because just at the moment he is about to shoot her, a jihadist wearing a suicide vest kills himself and several other people when he detonates his bomb. The hitman is knocked down by the blast and the wife saves him by administering CPR.

Meanwhile, someone has murdered a local politco's wife in a bizarre fashion. He's been fooling around with the daughter and with the daughter of a photographer who specializes in 'art' photos of dead people. The photographer is fooling around with the wife and with the chief detective in charge of investigating the murder of the politco's wife.

The hitman, having had a near death experience has a change of heart and decides to protect the wife instead of killing her. The guy who hired the hitman comes to verify that the hitman has done his job and hitman kills him. For an extra piece of entanglement, it turns out the hitman used to be cop and used to work with the head detective.

The daughter is kidnapped by Russian mobsters. They figure this out by the image of a guys hand resting in window opening in a car that was recorded by a security camera. That's a nice bit of science fiction. With the resolution of the average security camera, it would be a miracle if they could distinguish that there was a hand resting on the window ledge, much less any detail. But okay, it could be that that security camera happened to be a super hi-res Hitachi VX 9 zillion because the store owner is some kind of video freak.

The bad part is the Russians don't seem to be connected to the drug lord. Criminently, could you make it any more complicated? It's just a little over the top.

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