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Monday, March 29, 2010


We were at a summer resort, like a small village on a lake in the mountains. I was talking to a couple of guys. One of them had a custom panel truck painted sort of a gold/sand color. It had a sliding door on the left rear. The body work was custom. I do not know how else you could get a panel truck these days. The back of the truck was full of his tools, including a small oxy-acetylene torch. We were all there to perform some kind of technical work, an installation or repair of some equipment, a radio maybe.

We are done with this location so the guy with the truck is packing up to go to the next site. He takes off and we follow him in another vehicle. He is driving really fast, not following the road, driving over grass, right by buildings, through the trees.

The ground is a little rough and I imagine the guy's truck is taking a beating. It's a cool truck, but I wouldn't want to have to spend all my time driving it, I would want something with a little more cush. But he has found a niche and is making the most of it.

We come to an area that is a little more open and there is a bridge over a gully. It is simply some sun-bleached planks on a couple of beams, no railings, maybe wide enough for a car, but there are steps leading up it so it is obviously only for pedestrians. That doesn't stop the madman we are following, he blasts straight ahead right over the bridge. There are no people about.

The guy I am with takes one look at this and slams on the brakes, saying "whoa!". He may have thought the guy we are following was nuts before, but now he is sure of it. He decides to follow him anyway, but at a more sedate pace.

We go over a couple of these bridges, but now we come to one that has fallen down. The far end is in a river, some distance from the far shore. We are going down the slope of this broken bridge towards the water. It looks like we are going to have to swim for it, but when we get there the wooden box (!?!) we are riding in is long enough to span the distance from the bridge to the far shore, which has shrunk to a few feet, so we just have to step up to the shore.

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Anonymous said...

Seems you have a LOT to figure out. This one's too long to fit in the analyzer. But here is a clue: the first part of your dream introduces the PROBLEM. the last scene you remember, is the SOLUTION.
A N D, let me repeat, it's all about You.