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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Perry Mason

Justin Kirk as Hamilton Burger

We're watching the new Perry Mason and Della Street arranges a meeting for Perry with a guy who is going help him pass the bar exam, which hasn't changed since 1923. Perry asks his name and the new guy replies: Hamilton Burger. I almost fell off my chair! I hadn't heard that name since the last time I saw Perry Mason which must have been back in 1923. You're wondering how did we get to Episode 5 (or 6, which is where we are) without running into Hamilton before? Well, this new show is a prequel that starts before Perry is even a lawyer and the current DA is one slimey Maynard Barnes. Hamilton has an office just downstairs from the DA.

In case you didn't know, Hamilton was the district attorney who never won a case against Perry, king of the TV lawyers.

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