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Monday, March 8, 2021

Turkish Rifles

Girsan Regard 9mm Pistol

Tam reviews this gun on RECOIL
Girsan Regard: A Turkish Riff on a Beretta 92 That Looks Like it Came Straight off the Set of Narcos by Tamara Keel

Ah yes, Latin American drug kingpins seem to have a fondness for blinged up weapons and apparently so do I.

Anyway, I'm reading her review and I come across this little bit:

Neither is bringing in outside designs a new thing for the Turkish firearms industry, either. That fine tradition goes back before even the 19th century, when the Ottomans were such a large customer of Mauser Werke that the Germans built an onion-domed residence in Oberndorf to help the Turkish delegation feel at home.

A little Google turns up this photo:

Mavi Boncuk [blue bead]

From an account of the Armenian Genocide:

The “Türkenbau” in Oberndorf:

Erected as a residence for the acceptance commissions of the Ottoman Empire in 1888.

The building was demolished in 1961 because it had been hit by a bomb in the Second World War. 

The “Türkenbau”, a house in an oriental style with a dome topped by a Turkish crescent moon, was erected specially for the head of the commission. Wilhelm Mauser and his development engineer Fidel Feederle were awarded the very highest orders from the hand of the Sultan. Mauser reciprocated with "twenty luxury rifles with magnificent engraving and gold and silver inlays, splendidly packaged in walnut cases lined with red velvet".

During 1890's German gun makers were doing big business with Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

 Obendorf is kind of an interesting town: they make guns.

Note Heckler & Koch has a big enough presence to rate their own placemark. If you look closely (you may have to zoom in) you will notice that some of the buildings are blurred out. Germany mostly doesn't allow Google Streetview.

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