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Saturday, July 17, 2021



Y Axis Charlatans

Stole this graph from Joseph Moore over on Yard Sale of the Mind. A distorted Y-Axis is one thing that is guaran-damn-teed to set me off, so I am very pleased to find someone who agrees with me. 

Joseph has a few things to say about the statistics of death. Coincidentally, I had something to say about it yesterday. Realized later that perhaps I should have included gun deaths in my comparison. They are in the same range. Oh well, maybe later.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I have got my puzzle solving program completed. I mention it here because I am using the X & Y coordinates to locate the puzzle pieces in the playing field. Well, the program is 'complete', but there is a bug in there somewhere, so it is not actually able to solve the puzzle. All the little bits and pieces seem to work just fine, but there is still something very wrong, I just can't see it.

Meanwhile, also at the ranch, our internet connection died yesterday morning. It's back now, but it still seems to be a bit crippled. Earlier this morning I couldn't reach most websites including gmail and this one. When feedly came back, I found a post on Schneier on Security that claimed the big ransomware evil doers were down and out. Heck of a coincidence that they go down and MY internet goes down at the same time. What if the ransomware dudes decided to skip the small fry and just fuck the entire internet? I suspect it wasn't malicious, it was just typical sloppy, commercial business operations. The one guy who was keeping the stack of server farms from turning into a cluster fuck took the day off and all the other nitwits were in meeting about some kind of panty-waist chickshit. i.e. nobody was watching the fucking store. Or it might have been a guy with a backhoe.


xoxoxoBruce said...

Moore makes the assumption that everyone in a nursing home is sick and dying which is not true, except we're all dying from the moment we're born,but you know what I mean. Many are there because they have no one to(or willing to) care for them.

Ritchie said...

Once I worked with a guy who was trying to write some sort of graphic gravity program and having buggistry. I was able to point out that in Basic, which he was using, the correct syntax to specify a location on the screen is: locate(y,x). Tricky nerds.

Chuck Pergiel said...

Thanks Ritchie, I appreciate the sentiment.