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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Real Money

Silver Quarters

I checked out the numbers and they seem legit. Would we still be headed for hell in a handbasket if we hadn't gone off of the gold and silver standards? Probably, but at least we would be able to pay for our ride. My first job paid $2.25 an hour. If was barely enough to keep my head above water. It certainly wasn't enough to fund a car. 


xoxoxoBruce said...

Having your money in silver is no guarantee, remember when the Hunt brothers made the silver prices go crazy? Just two guys twisted the tigers tail and made the world nuts. My dentist was near a nervous breakdown over the cost of silver. My house was robbed twice by young kids looking for silver coins or jewelry which a lot of people had and didn't lock up like they would gold.

Chuck Pergiel said...

The Hunt brothers thing was an anomaly. I would hope that anyone who is playing in the investment arena would take that disaster to heart and not try do anything so foolish as to try and corner the silver market. What were they thinking?