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Saturday, July 17, 2021

Red Joan

Red Joan - Official Trailer - In Cinemas Apr 19

Not a bad little movie. Judi Dench is getting old, you may remember her from her role as M in several of the James Bond films. The film flashes back and forth between WW2 when Joan was a hot shot assistant to the guys working on the atomic bomb in the UK and the present day when Joan is being arrested and charge with treason. It's very well put together. The interrogator asks present day Joan a question, which sends Joan down memory lane and now here we are, back during WW2, back when everything in question happened. Reminds me of me when someone asks me a question about the good old days. Well, except for that bit about treason.

The story is based on the real life person Melita Norwood, who really did send classified stuff to the Russians.  ". . . to protect other investigations it was then decided not to prosecute her."

The reason's given in the film for Joan's actions are different than the one's given in the Wikipedia article. Joan's rationale for helping the Russians was that if they had the bomb as well, there would be a standoff as neither side would be willing to start a nuclear war. Looks like she was right. So far anyway. I doubt the Russians will start a nuclear war, but I wouldn't be surprised is some Asian muslim-theocrat dominated government doesn't set one off. On the other hand, a government like that might not be able to get all their scientific ducks in row. It takes a big, well coordinated organization to develop a nuclear weapon and a delivery system, and it doesn't take but one disgusted or incompetent fool to foul up the whole operation.

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Jim M said...

Sad that the brits let secrets get exposed and sad that our program was infiltrated by the reds. Security should have been 100% tighter but we never learn. After I retired from the Army, I did clearance investigations. So many chinese, russian, koreans with immediate family in the north all applying for and getting TS/SCI level clearances. We have to look the other way and process the files. If I were king for a day, no naturalized citizens would be eligible for any clearance level. We are so lax.