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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Leggo My Leggo

Legoized Glock Handgun by Block19

It was inevitable. Toy manufactures have been making toy guns that look like real guns for years, so we shouldn't be surprised that a gun maker would make a gun that looks like a toy. I mean, people have been decorating guns since forever [here, here, here, here & here] and some of those decorations are just out of this world. 

I could see this style becoming very popular. Well, amongst cartoon characters anyway. If this design appeals to your fashion sense you are out of luck as Block19 has stopped selling them, which means any that are out there in the wild are going to become much more valuable. 'Oooo - he's got a Legoized Glock.'

Given the prevalence of irresponsible morons in the world, it's probably good that they aren't making any more.

Via my better half.

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