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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Lake Oroville Drought

Lake Oroville Drought
1st photo - 2018
2nd - april 27, 2021
3rd -last week

Lake Oroville is the one that had problems with the spillway not too long ago. Looks like the California drought is pretty serious.

Via Posthip Scott


Matthew said...

California water resources have been traditionally very poorly managed but what has happened over the past two years is criminal malfeasance on a massive scale. Oroville was at 98% of capacity and 118% of its historical average in June 2019 and nine out of twelve of the other major reservoirs in the state were at 92% capacity or better. What should have been a 7 year supply has been wasted. This is a carefully manufactured water emergency and the State Water Board should be in prison. The human cost alone demands it but the financial cost can't even be calculated yet.

greggBC said...

The extra rain that would be caused by real Global warming would fill that up in a jiffy. That must be the original river bed in the bottom photo.