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Saturday, July 3, 2021

French Trucks

Cool Truck in Vatry France

A photo of a 747 air freighter on the ground at Châlons Vatry Airport got me started as I had never heard of this place. Turns out it is not that exotic, it's about 100 miles east of Paris. I go poking around in Google's StreetView just to see if anything weird of interesting turns up. Didn't find anything, it's just a little farming community, and then I turn a corner and boom! There's this six wheel (or is it eight wheel?) truck staring at me, so I just gotta share.

The town is about 4 miles northeast of the airport. The airport got started in 1950 as the Cold War was getting started. It became a civilian airport in 2000. Passenger traffic was non-existent until 2010 when it started picking up, possibly because it's only 65 miles from Disneyland Paris.


Anonymous said...

Not that familiar with French trucks but could it be an Escher?

Chuck Pergiel said...

Good morning! An Escher! Ha! I got a good laugh out of that.