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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Portland Cranes

Crane lifting steel beams to 4th floor window of Target
SW 9th & Alder

They had what looked like half a dozen bundles of steel beams, maybe ten beams to a bundle. The crane had no difficulty lifting an entire bundle, but the guys on the ground were occupied with breaking the bundles up. Each beam looked to be on the order of 300 pounds, so something that could be man handled by a couple of guys. I presume their intention was to lift the individual beams up to the height of the window where upon the guys up there would drag them inside. I didn't get to see, I had places to go.

Tall crane working on high rise
Around the corner on SW ALder & 9th

This stuff has been going on for months.

New construction on NE Sandy Boulevard & 33rd Avenue
Next door to Jiffy Lube

IAman took Liza's Jeep to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed. I've been to a couple of quick change oil operations in Hillsboro, but I was never impressed. It was either ridiculous oil change theater or a high pressure sales pitch for wipers and belts. Never been back. On the other hand IAman had positive things to say about this shop:
"Very impressive operation, running like clockwork, ready for any make model fluid or brake change....though they were having problems with a [bleeping] Jeep."
Possible because the west side is full fools with more money than sense and east side knows the value of hard work.

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xoxoxoBruce said...

A crane would have no problem with a 3,000 lb bundle of beams but at the top end how would the handle the hand off? Even 300 lbs is dangerous for less than a minimum of three people. 60 in a row would be a hell of a workout.