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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Trump is a Witch!

Darth Vader proclaiming the death Obi-Wan Kenobi

This is old stuff. I have been dismayed by the growth of the Imperial Presidency. The President can't go anywhere without an entourage of thousands along with a fleet of aircraft and motor vehicles. Obama came to town once upon a time and entire freeways were shut down so his eminence could see that there were no traffic problems here. Color me irritated.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Feedly doesn't work on my computer anymore. I might be able to fix it if I read the directions and followed them, but fuck that shit. I have no interest in delving into obscure computer crap (unless it's something that tickles my fancy).  Google / Chrome has a RSS Feed Reader extension and I have been playing with it and I stumbled across this little gem which I found illuminating. 

As I was rebuilding a pond wall today, I thought of another element behind why many people hate Trump so much—so much more than we should expect in reaction to his actual governing. We know that many folks find him distasteful and lacking in class. Sure, but why would that trigger such hatred—why not simply some eye rolling and dismissive remarks? It then struck me that these people find Trump guilty of sacrilege; he has committed abomination in his presidential duties. Leftists in general and some patriotic Americans on the right understand democratic politics in a religious, sacrosanct way. So, when Trump scandalizes them by boorish behavior mixed with politics, he commits acts that merit a good burning at the stake. Many (most?) American right-wingers (correctly) see democratic politics as a circus, and we delight when the clowns drop the pretense and act the part. For the people who see the Popular Will as the closest thing to a divine instrument that they can imagine, however, Trump is a blasphemer and a heretic. Let him be anathema! - Arimathea, August 2019

P. S. Should it be "a RSS Feed Reader" or "an RSS Feed Reader"? I can usually tell, but this time I can't decide.



Chris said...

If you say, as I do, "Are-Ess-Ess Feed Reader", then it's "an RSS Feed Reader".

xoxoxoBruce said...

Trump had a habit of signing a contract with your business for $200,000 then when to job was done he'd pay $50,000. When you protest he'd say sue me, knowing it would cost you more than $50,000 and many years to sue him and his pack of lawyers. This is why so many in the northeast despise him, he put two people I knew into bankruptcy, one committed suicide. It's not his politics, (in NYC he was always a democrat) it's because he's scum.