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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

The Pacific

'Our Cause Is Just' Trailer | The Pacific | HBO Classics

Story about the Marines rooting out the Japanese soldiers from one South Pacific island after another. I put up a post about this movie once before. The show seems to be about equal parts combat, support and personal life, i.e. girls. 

Much of the combat scenes on Guadalcanal happened at night when you can't see shit, and on the TV it's even worse. Until something catches fire or somebody sends up a flare, you really can't see much at all.

One heroic dude gets sent home to sell war bonds. They put him on board a DC-3 in Australia and I'm wondering how the heck is this going to work. A DC-3 doesn't have the range to fly across the Pacific. Airlines were carrying passengers from San Francisco to Australia, but they were using big, four-engined, flying boats, and they still had to make several stops for fuel.

Pacific & Adjacent areas 1942 showing key air ferry route.

The blue arrows in the lower right corner are the air route to and from the USA. Wikipedia has a page about South Pacific air ferry routes in WW2.

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xoxoxoBruce said...

That South Pacific air route is weird, I sure they had their reasons but still strange.
First the planes had to get to Hawaii which is 2500 miles from Los Angeles.
Hawaii to Kiritmati(Christmas) island is 1250 miles.
Kiritmati(Christmas) Island to Kanton island is 1033 miles
But Hawaii to Kanton island is 1905 miles 600 less than to L.A.
Kanton island to PagoPago Samoa is 798 miles
Samoa to Fiji is 708 miles
Fiji to New Caledonia 840 miles
But Kanton(Christmas) Island to New Caledonia is 1975 miles.
Maybe they got to Hawaii by ship?