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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Rescue Led Me To This!

Here we are again with another video from Matt's Off Road Recovery. Matt is my hero, he's living the life I would have liked, except I'm an old grump and don't generally like dealing with people. But building machines to do something, and designing improvements by the seat of your pants and then hammer-and-tongs getting after it and getting it built, that part is great. I had a job like that once, but it's only now, 50 years later, that I realize how much I enjoyed it. I probably could have made a career out of it if I had just cut my hair. Making a few connections might have helped, which I probably could have done, if I had cut my hair. I was in Houston for god's sake in 1975 with hair down past my collar. Dab burn hippie. Gave up my one true calling, moved to Austin, became a long-neck and started messing about with computers. That kept me busy, made me some money, and now here I am reminiscing about the life I could have had. If I had just cut my hair.

Matt is a Viking. He has red hair and a beard. He doesn't wear a jacket when it's cold. He never wears gloves even when he's picking up hot metal, which he immediately regrets. He doesn't do it often, but he never fricking wears gloves. If I was there I would be putting on gloves when I walked in the gate.

This particular video is great for several reasons. One, we have Lite Brite's super modified Jeep - Step Child on the screen. Two, we have serious rock crawling with spotters and vocal directions and discussions about lines of attack and what the possible outcomes are. It's kind of nuts, but if you were ever in a situation where you had to cross uncharted wilderness in a vehicle, these would be good things to know. Three, we have buxom Brittany Williams on the screen. She certainly got my attention. Her husband, Kevin, is a lucky man. Seems they were both into drifting (making cars slide around on pavement without smashing into anything), so she ain't just a pretty face. Damn, she's good lookin'. I got the impression that Kevin is kind of a big wheel. Good for him. I hope it all works out. Here's the intro to their channel:


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