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Saturday, September 20, 2008

On This Day in History

Battleship Tirpitz, Late April 1943 Kaafjord, Norway
65 years ago a British mini-sub attacked the German battleship Tirpitz. Actually tomorrow. So I'm stealing a page from Tam, so sue me. The Telegraph quotes one of the survivors:
One in four of his fellow volunteers were killed. One of his best mates, Paddy Kearon, died with his crew when a tow-rope broke and his sub plunged irretrievably into the depths. He also lost three first cousins. "But cast yourself back to the age of 21. You're in a war where everyone's united. You drink like 'Tomorrow we die', yet you feel immortal. One lost a lot of chums, but otherwise one enjoyed one's war. I find this country so much more depressing today. We're no longer united, and all anyone cares about is money."
Look at the rest of the news this week and you can believe it. There is something wrong with our society, but I'm not sure what we should do, except maybe make pyramids out of the Rocky Mountains.

Note: it is tir-pitz, not trip-itz. Do not discount this little slip. Took me an hour before I discovered I had it wrong. Evidently half the world has it wrong as well.

Update December 2016 replaced missing picture, which originally came from the Tirpitz museum in Norway.

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